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Friday, February 17, 2012

My PDA-Pretty Darn Amazing

Ah...Another Friday marking the end of the week. I will admit that it is different for me, being retired and therefore on a different schedule then most people to always know what day of the week it is. Ironically though, Friday is still the most significant day of the week mainly because most everybody elses schedule is set around "The WEEKEND"...beginning of course, with Friday.

I also have an early morning breakfast book study at a local restaurant beginning at 6:30a that takes 20-25 minutes to get to. So I'm up early...shoot I am always up early, that really isn't anything new. Except this morning I actually did get some sleep the night before.

I have so many scheduled things going on and then I am working on this theological study that is quite involved and rather difficult. With all the commitments, the writing and volunteering...well I am basically working a full job. The difference is I get to set the schedule and in most circumstances select the things I want to do.

I never used to think that I would fare well in an unstructured work envirement where there wasn't a detailed work schedule laid out. But I am actually flourishing here...I think being sober has a heck of a lot to do with that. That and using the features of my Galaxy S II Android by Samsung. 

I'd be lost without my entire schedule is on it and I link that directly to my email and that helps a great deal to keep me in the right place at the right time. I also have my assignments on there as well as being able to check my emails and social networking sites in addition to my blog posts and any comments I may need to approve or follow up on.

I, like many others use to think it was a luxury having a I know better. Same with an I-Pad or in my case i have a DELL Streak 7 touch pad that is also becoming nearly a requirement to have now. And this is for a retired GUY! I can't imagine how much easier my life would have been when I was a in full blown management mode back in the day.

So there 'ya go...not sure how I got riffing on that subject matter but it's certainly relevant to me. I guess I just recognize and appreciate a good thing when I experience it. 

So I suppose this is my insanely early in the morning PLUG for technology...YEA Technology, you ROCK!


  1. I would definitely be lost without the calendar on my phone. It syncs to all of my other calendars (facebook, outlook, gmail, etc)

    Sorry I've been absent. Life - taking me by storm!

  2. are 27, life should be Full, vibrant and taking you by storm....good for you!!

    It's just wonderful to hear from you....