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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Doing It A Bit Differently...


I assume that most regular readers of the blog have noticed over time that I tend to take a little different approach then some of the other bloggers when it comes to illustrating my posts. I enjoy using paintings from the Master's and others or photos...and the pictures do not necessarily have to match up with the subject matter of the post. That, my friends is intentional. I am not sure why I got started doing that originally but I have really come to like it and I imagine I'll continue doing it with some variations. Plus I have not received any negative feedback about it at all and even if I did it would only serve to encourage me more....

I have a friend...Kathy Tomson whose pictures I have featured here numerous times. To me, it just adds a more personal touch when I know the artist....If anyone else is interested in their photos or art appearing here on the Shock, I would certainly consider it. So if you are interested in having photos posted on Shell Sock, just email me at and I would be happy to oblige....


One of the sources I have used for many photos other then my own library of pictures is the American Battle Monuments Commission Facebook Page. They send out daily picture to remember our fallen soldiers all over the world.I know there are folks out there (some ore my own friends) who do not understand why I post pictures or have an interest in cemeteries. I have visited War Cemetery's all over the world and there is just something very intensely spiritual about them. I always have been moved by visits to cemeteries and WAR cemeteries especially move me...they always have.

The British War Great War Cemeteries are a particular favorite and I cannot tell you how many times I have stood on the ground at The Somme, Vimy Ridge or at Ypres and marveled at their beauty. Which is in  total contrast to the Human Tragedy that took place on that very ground during the war.

The French Cemeteries at Verdun, the American Cemeteries at Normandy, The Ardennes or the Argonne all evoke the same emotions as do the German Cemeteries honoring their dead of the two World Wars. The bottom line is I think it critically important to honor, remember and let it sink in so that all future generations KNOW what happened there and somehow through this memory go towards preventing such catastrophe's from EVER re-occurring.I of course have left out The American Civil War and I post just as many photos from those battlefields as well.

The point is...let us NEVER EVER FORGET.

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