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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

TRUTH (As I Know It)

I kinda feel like dancing but then again I'd rather be flying but with my physical limitations firmly in place I will have to settle on just smiling tonight....but I'll make it more interesting and just SMILE with my EYES.

What is it that I feel today as a FOLLOWER of Jesus that I never felt before? That is a question I have been asked...people want to know if they are going to make such a drastic change then what is the reward. Well for me the reward  actually comes in two different ways. There certainly is SOMETHING about KNOWING that I am saved, that I am going to Heaven and my sins have been forgiven...especially for a fellow like me, who knew I was living outside of my own moral standards...I was lying and living a life chock full of deceit. Not a moment went by that I was not consciously aware of that FACT.

I put my needs even my desires above everything else...including the NEEDS of my own wife and children. My alcoholism dictated my behavior...this is the first way that being a Christian rewards me daily the second way is less easier to see and nearly impossible for a non-believer to believe.

In the first paragraph  I describe smiling with my I know with certainty that I can do that because the moment I accepted Jesus into my life, surrendered my ALL to him and let my old self DIE as I do daily, something happened to me that to this day I am at a loss to completely understand or explain. Iwas filled with the Holy Spirit...

I know, I sounds like a complete load of hooey but it is the most real feeling that I have ever had...and everything that I have done subsequently to becoming a Christian has been possible ONLY because of the HS filling me and guiding me on the way.

A spiritual existence was not something that I found easy to accept, embrace or I wanted to be able to understand it in a completely rational way before accepting or living it. That clearly wasn't God's plan for me...nope it was like KABOOM! He turned me around in one flash of a second, changed me and I have never felt the same since and that my friends is just the plain old TRUTH...

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