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Monday, February 27, 2012

Tricky, Little Matter...THIS!

This next subject can get a little tricky to explain to people who are familiar with recovery from addiction and though I'm a wee bit reluctant to bring it up I need to EMO-V it out so that is what I am going to do.

An active, practical and REAL spirit life has always been a critical factor to my recovery. There are some treatment Center's/Programs that promote spiritual principles...some don't. The path that I  follow and have followed right from the beginning of my sobriety in mid-2006 was a spiritual path.

Other then I was terribly skeptical and mistrustful of organized religion, the fact that I was going to kill myself some day was motivation enough to give GOD a try.

The issue I am experiencing and yes, struggling with today is that my Christian beliefs at times vary a bit from the spiritual beliefs i began my recovery with. I told you this would be a bit difficult to explain. They conflict...

Also there are some people in the church envirement that I believe would rather have me renounce all my affiliation with the recovery programs I so strongly believe in and that SAVED MY LIFE.  The reverse is true as well...some influential friends in recovery do not like the fact that I have become a Christian and would rather i go back to my old way of living where I am hanging out exclusively in an embitterment filled only with those in recovery.

Neither of those prospects is in the LEAST acceptable to me or even something I would consider...I CANNOT go back to my old way even if I wanted to...and I DO NOT! But I also will not forget where I came from and how I found recovery. I am as needed there today as ever before.

I strongly believe both beliefs, behaviors and philosophies can co-exist and not only that but thrive. It really disturbs me when political thinking intrudes into areas that it doesn't belonging....and this LIFE or DEATH question of recovery is an area where politics has NO freaking business what so ever!

So there ya go...I believe I just gave the WORLD at least the "blog world" my formal "Position" on the let's move on to living LIFE, shall we!?!!

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