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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Murder of the SOUL..Degree by Degree

I didn't think I could have experienced a worst night of not sleeping 
then I did a couple of nights ago...wrong about that of course. I can't really even describe what is going on here but my body won't allow itself to sleep. And it isn't some easy fix like stop drinking coffee or getting exercise...folks, this is my 8th WEEK dealing with this to one degree or another. Those easy fixes were the very first things that I tried (multiple times) and to no avail.

The simple truth If I did not drink coffee now during these times I am trying to stay awake and function as normally as possible...well I'd hurt myself. I would be a sleep-deprived zombie virtually helpless and useless. OK, I imagine some who know me out there are thinking that sounds like the normal Thom...aha, very funny. But it's true, I have to function and at that point coffee can help but folks believe me, if not drinking coffee was the answer here...I would have been sleeping 2 months ago, that simple!

I wanted to believe it was connected to my Blood Pressure but since I started the new BP medication I have been doing a lot better. The one thing I will say though is it might be this new medication causing this latest problem the last 4 days.

Anyway, Kim shut me down today...she is out at a Woman's Seminar at a local church but before she left she called the Nursing Home and told them I was having health issues which they are aware of. So I was ordered to stay in bed, which I am obviously struggling to do!

So I''ll cut this short and post something later if I'm able...                                          

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