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Monday, February 27, 2012

I Don't Have a Camel Bladder...SORRY!

Well, is morning and for the first time in what seems like an eternity, I slept (sort of) like a normal person. I was up at 2:30a to get Kim up at 3a for work but then I did something drastically different from what I normally do: I fell back asleep until the pretty normal morning wake-up time of 6am. I have no explanation really other then I may have gotten a bit more exercise yesterday due to the fact that my Grand Plan for yesterday (read this) didn't pan out. Basically because it rained Cats & Dogs all day in Daytona Beach, FL. postponing the race until the next day for the first time in it's 50 plus year history.

That's right...The Daytona 500) is now on today, Monday afternoon at 1p. But judging by the way i feel, I just may end up sleeping the entire day...hey, I do have like 3.5 months of sleep to catch up on, i need to get started! Seriously...I don't have any major appointments or anything and I'm hoping that I can still continue to make some improvements in my overall health. I've mad a bit of progress but I am still have some very ill-regular and unpredictable SPIKES in Blood Pressure,  some incredible difficulty and increased frequency relating to going to the bathroom and the usual fevers and general lethargy that have been regular symptoms throughout this 3 month long illness nightmare.

The thing that really bothers me the most is I cannot fulfill my volunteer obligation at the jail on Monday Nights as an assistant Chaplain because of the bathroom issues. I know this sounds strange but when we go back into the lock-down area of the jail to set up and then run the church service, there are NO facilities available for Non-Inmates to go the bathroom. It involves a process of going back through a series of locked doors that have to be buzzed open by central security and more then a 5 minute walk in which I have to be escorted by a jail staff member. Well I go to the bathroom on the average right now of every 10-15 minutes some times when things are not good so there is no way I can risk going into that envirement until I get back to a more normal schedule. Now even when I am healthy no one would mistake me for having a "Camel Bladder" like one female member of my family who shall go un-named, who seemingly can hold "it" all freaking day long but I can usually make it more then the hour or so required for making it through the church service in lock-down.

I went for the Christmas Service and it was not a good thing....I was
running a 101 degree fervor and had to do the Gospel Reading of the birth of Christ. That was a very special night but I cannot take staff away from their important duties every time I have to pee...or worse!

So That really bothers me about this whole thing, not being able to do the things that I enjoy and/or are really important to me. But I must accept that is my life right now. I felt very guilty at first but Chaplain Dave, the Chaplain of Branch County Jail and a member of my church (in addition to being a very good friend) re-assured me that they understood, that they can see my suffering and that feeling bad or guilty not only isn't necessary but it takes my focus off of serving GOD by helping others in ways that I still can.

He is absolutely right and I am so grateful to have friends like that in my life today. What a change from 6 years ago! So we will focus on getting well and perhaps today will take a turn and I'll feel up to going tonight though Im suspect that it's still a bit too soon...we'll see.

So now that you all have taken ANOTHER wonderful tour of my BLADDER Condition and other unpleasant little realities of my health life...I'm going to close this post and get on with my morning...

Here's wishing you all a HAPPY Monday Morning!

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