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Monday, February 20, 2012

EMO-V, Stuff and More EMO-Ving

A half day down the toilet waiting for the repair guy only to be told the problem is out on the pole...another group of repair people need to be called in but at least that won't have any effect on me as far as my availability is concerned.

I am really not sure why but I have not felt  "right" the last day or so. I'm not sure if it is physical or psychological...I feel...for a lack of a more scientific word: "Twitchy"..sort of a combination of shaky and nervous but sweaty and tired at the very same time. Almost like my hands are going to jump out of their could be an anxiety thing...I don't know.

I still take testosterone shots every week and I have believed since DAY ONE that they are playing a role in this sleeplessness issue I have been having. We have cut back severely on the dose.  The strange thing is I took those shots for over 3 months before I started having this issue. I also have gotten a great and very noticeable benefit form the shots...I'm more alert, I have more energy, I feel stronger and though K and I practice celibacy I can tell the sex drive has increased.So I don't know what's health mystery will eventually drive me MAD if it doesn't KILL ME FIRST, ACH!!

OK...this boy needs nourishment and I suppose a bowl of ice cream w/chocolate sauce and crumbled peanuts is going to be satisfactory so I need to cook something...I'll post something later, perhaps something that is actually of INTEREST today instead of all this Horse Hockey...

Oh....Kimmi and I watched the last half of "The HURT LOCKER" last night. Holy Smokes....

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