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Monday, July 30, 2012

A Bad Moon Rising

It has been a day where things have not gone smoothly at all, let's just put it that way. Even the most routine efforts have become tedious, bordering on the over-whelming. Common, everyday discussions at home became disagreements or arguments...I don't know, it just feels like a Bad Moon's A-Rising. Ever feel that way? Things just seem to be taking a more serious tack, a turn to the they just seem to have a much harder edge to them today. Not sure why but it certainly does feel that way.                                     

Perhaps some of it is the heat. After a couple of days respite with cooler, breezier temps, it is heating back up and I for one am a bit cranky about it because I don't feel the greatest when it is hot and humid like this and I am struggling physically to keep up my typical fast & high energy pace. I just feel like something is about to "hit the fan" if you know what I mean. There is a bad spirit in the air or so it seems. Again we will have to see if it is real or just ME....

Maybe the Bad Moon stuff is just a figment of an over-active imagination...and maybe then it's totally REAL...I guess we'll just have to hang in and find out, huh?!



  1. Maybe a bit of both?

    You sound like me - thinking a bit too much, I think.

    But then again, I know what you mean about something being in the air.

    The heat can't be helping!

    Stay cool and keep breathing.


    1. C-That is absolutely the perfect advice for this situation: "Stay cool and keep breathing"....I love that!