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Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Calm...It Cometh!

Fatigue....that sums up my mood and also defines  how I feel physically this morning as well. I'm sure the heat has contributed to the feeling but I have been hopping all week and I think it has finally caught up to me.

Typically, I have always worked well in extended periods of heat but this stretch we are experiencing in the Midwest right now is bordering on dangerous. It is probably the longest period of dry and hot weather that I can ever recall. We have had the A/C on for a week and that is unheard of around here, where my father would prefer that we NEVER turn on the Air Conditioner....

I am hoping a good walk will shake some of the cobwebs loose and energize me. I actually got an hour or two of sleep last night so I feel pretty sparky in that department, though I realize that most people would really suffer if that was all the sleep they got!

My sister has been visiting us since Thursday and she is heading back home today after a great visit. It was nice seeing her and getting to spend some real quality time together. 

The Holiday crowd is starting to pack up and head for home so things should start to calm down here on the island by evening time.

Until Then...


  1. Been thinking about my friends across the country - and hoping you are staying cool.

    So glad you had a nice visit. I envy your relationship with your family.

    Rest easy and have a lovely Sunday.


    1. Thank you C I will do my best to have a lovely Sunday, I am fortunate to have the relationship that I do with my family...I did my darnedest to destroy that bond by my behavior. Here is wishing you a wonderful Sunday afternoon and evening as well.