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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Mr. Bitter Sour-Puss Doom & Gloom

Last night I diverted straight off the path of writing about my experiences in recovery and rape survival into giving a rather POINTED and opinionated tirade on politics in our country. I'm sure I came across as a bitter and jaded cynic. Hence the title of this post.  

The motivation to write that little piece was provided by one particular FaceBook "Friend" who has been posting vicious anti-Republican stuff. I am not a Republican or a Democrat. I have always voted for the best person for the job in my opinion. My point here is not to debate the election. 

My fine, fellow FaceBooker was pointing out that Mitt Romney was a liar and I felt compelled to remind him that all politicians lie. Oddly he came back and supported my point which i'll admit disappointed me a bit since I was getting "Twitchy" and looking for a fight. The post last night was essentially the comment I left on his status. There was actually another part to the comment that I wrote stating my views that all is not lost...

 It is getting harder and harder to accept this nonsense that is our political process...My outrage comes from the fact that I truly believe that we can do better then this. I believe that it is possible to be a prosperous yet caring country that respects ALL people regardless of who they are.

I believe that you can promote business yet take care to make sure that no one falls through the cracks and finds themselves with a child with Leukemia and no Health Insurance. I do believe that caring and capitalism can coexist...that they are not mutually exclusive.

I these ideas make me a dreamer...well the founders of our country were without a doubt dreamers. Nobody at that time believed that it was possible to have democratic self-rule...yet they persevered and achieved the impossible!

I am not so jaded that I don't believe it is at least possible for it to happen again. But it will not happen with the way the current system rewards dishonesty and GREED.

So yea, I'm cynical yet I still am a believer that we can do better....

Photo by Kathy Tomson

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