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Monday, July 9, 2012

I Actually Like The Dang Thing!

I know this is going to come out sounding a bit self-serving or at the very least strange....but I am basically posting this morning so I can use this picture I took of K and I last night on the boat. Why, you may ask am I doing this? Simple..there are so few pics taken of me and particularly of the two of us that I actually like, that when I find one, I have to take advantage of it and use it. So that is exactly what I am doing.

Not only did the pic turn out all right in my humble opinion but the evening was a really nice memory as well. Most of the holiday crowd had left for home and there weren't too many boats out on the lake. The temps were "ONLY" in the low 90's so it seemed really nice out compared to the 105 degree temps from the previous 3 days. It was just a very nice way to end the chaotic 4th of July week with company, high temps and lots of people here on the Island.

I could sense late last night that despite all the pleasant memories that I was beginning to feel the presence of my old "Friend" the BLACK DOG (Depression). It felt like the weight of the world was sitting squarely on top of my chest and there wasn't a whole lot I could do about it to make it go away.

I am still feeling that way this morning...hence my attempt to change my mood by posting this picture I really happen to like.

Unfortunately...The Big Black Doggie seems determined to hang around for awhile but it sure has been nice checking in with you all in Blog-Land....Until LATER then, bye-bye.

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