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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Odds, Ends and STUFF!

Once again the heat warnings are out and the earth just seems to literally bake like the entire planet is one gigantic oven. This has been one of the most sustained periods of high heat that I can ever recall and it looks like it isn't going to cool down until well into next week. 

I never used to be bothered by the heat but since I got ill a couple years ago and have had some continuing health issues since, I can't tolerate the heat nearly as well. And it is more then just a matter of staying hydrated...the high heat and humidity just seems to draw the life right out of me and leaves me totally drained. Even the lake isn't much help in the cooling a person down department...the water temp yesterday was 86 degrees: and this is in a body of water called COLDWATER Lake!!

I write this because I am still contemplating going out and trying to play a quick game of golf (CG). I know...I realize the mere idea is complete MADNESS but what can I say!? I'm bored and I just feel like doing something...even cooking myself alive in this furnace we all the "outside"

We have some company coming tonight for the 4th of July. My oldest niece and her my son and his fiance'. Unfortunately they are all still young, just starting out in the world and have to work today and Thursday/Friday so their visit will be short. My sister is coming Thursday for the weekend.

I mention this because I used to absolutely dread having company yet since I found recovery my attitude about having people visit has completely changed. I truly enjoy it now. I think the sole reason I didn't like it before was that it affected the way I wanted to drink. I couldn't get plastered like I wanted to...and that pissed me off.

So it should be fun and I am really looking forward to it. Kim should be home in another hour and then the 4th of July HOLIDAY fun starts...

(Photo: Kathy Tomson)

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