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Friday, July 13, 2012


The Presidential Election is still 4 month away and I am already fed up with hearing everyone's political views. Frankly the only thing I am totally sure about when it comes to the two major parties in our country and their candidates is that they incapable of telling the truth.

They ALL lie, every last one of them. Every single person running for political office in our country tells their audience exactly what they want to hear...and NONE of them can follow through and fulfill their promises. They HAVE to lie because that is the way our system works now...NOBODY can afford to tell the truth, not the Democrats, not the Republicans.

"We The People" to para-phrase from the movie A Few Good Men "can't handle the truth". We really don't want to know it anyway...we are way too comfortable in our ignorance...and besides, we like being told what we want to hear...we expect it!

Honestly...I cannot help but feel that trusting or believing in any political party or media outlet is absolutely FOOLISH...and dangerous. I realize this sounds rather brash and jaded but frankly I am sick and tired of being lied to by the politicians and the media outlets who are only in the game to promote their own interests and gain the ultimate prize: POWER & CONTROL.

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