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Friday, July 20, 2012

The Inevitable CHURNING

Feeling under the weather again today. I've often wondered about the origin of that phrase: "under the weather"...what is it supposed to mean, under? How does one get "under" the weather anyway...I usually find myself "IN" the weather, being cold or hot, getting wet or sunburnt so I guess the whole notion of the idea makes no sense to me.

Yet here I am feeling under the weather...haha. What I actually am is ill, sick...not feeling like myself. I am running a fever. I feel quite weak and have been feeling this way for a couple of days. I went outside this morning into much cooler though very moist air. After trying to play a couple holes of golf I had to stop...I was much to weak to swing the clubs properly so I cam home.

Though cooler the humidity is ridiculously high and the  temps will once again stretch toward 90 degrees.

I am thankful this morning consider all the Black Dog stuff churning away inside of me just to be alive. I am going to leave it at that this morning.              

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