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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Cheesy Parades & Such...

How about this...another "way too freaking early in the morning" post from thormoo...what a shocking surprise that is! The true miracle here is that I can write anything even half-way understandable at all at this hour. Practice helps, I guess...and I get a lot of "before the crack 'o dawn" writing practice. 

At this point I think I am just killing some time anyway. I did manage to squeeze a couple hours of of sleep in last night. I definitely sleep better when Kim is around anyway. It isn't a secret...I just do.

It's the "official" 4th of July today here on Coldwater Lake. The Island Parade is at 1p and that should be interesting considering it's supposed to be 104 degrees by then. The fireworks over the lake are at dusk tonight. 

My sister Elizabeth (Liz) is here visiting from Centerville (Dayton), Ohio and that has really been a treat. We often don't get to see her alone (she has 3 girls, now all grown, married or in college) so it's fun for the 4 of us (Mom/Dad/Liz and myself) to hang out a bit's probably been a couple of decades since we last had the opportunity to do so.

Well I have to head out and get some exercise so I imagine I may be posting some cheesy parade pics later on...I'll apologize in advance...SORRY! 

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