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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Another Year Bites The Dust....

It is fairly late on Saturday night and the festivities...IE: Fire-works and such are all done for another year. The parade went off this afternoon without any issues (except some little girl fell off her bike and skinned up her knees but basically she is OK...other then her wounded pride!)

The fireworks over the lake were pretty cool (sorry, none of the pics really turned out well enough to post) and it was kind of a sweet little dose of Americana....I am a bit surprised that the new generation of parents seem to embrace the Patriotic traditions of a time long past...fireworks/sparklers, parades, decorating bikes, flying the American Flag, etc., etc. It's quaint and I suppose I am just a tad bit jaded to accept it at face value. I am always looking for the faker or the scam....but who knows, perhaps they really are being sincere.

Some 27 year old idiot from Indianapolis drove his parents golf cart on the golf course Friday night and happened to drive right across #7 green. The security guys busted him and the Sheriff's Department came out and took a report. The golf course kept the cart until this afternoon when his parents (remember he is 27 years old!) had to come up and beg for their cart back. I overheard his mom say: "He's a good kid, he just did a dumb-ass thing"...'Ya Think!?? Marty (Who runs the course) then said: "He's 27...he's no really a kid!" I had to struggle to keep from laughing out loud.

So we just have one more day of this zaniness they call the 4th of July weekend. I'm ready for it all to end....come to think of it, I am ready for this freaking HEAT-WAVE to end as well. Big's ONLY suposed to be 87 degrees today!

Anyway...time to turn of the lights and see if I can manage to grab a few winks...good night!

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