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Monday, July 2, 2012

The Fantastic 4 - (Areas Of Focus)

Hmm....I'm just wondering how creative I am going to feel this morning. I know I am not feeling too energetic due to the fact that I didn't sleep a wink to speak of last night and I have been working and doing chores in this continuing high heat and humidity, since before 6am. Plus I went for a walk and played  some CG "Crippled Golf". I was absolutely drenched in sweat before I knew it.

Sobering up naturally allowed me to feel a lot more stuff in relation to my body, my spirit and my emotions...all those things impact my psychological state of mind. Any fairly regular reader to Shell Shock will recall that I emphasis all four areas that make up a human being: The Physical, The Emotional, The Psychological and lastly...The Spiritual. When I have blogged in the past about the need for balance, these are the areas specifically where I feel achieving balance has proven critical, at least in my experience they have.

I firmly believe to fully find recovery from my addiction and to begin and maintain the healing process from rape, that one must address the subject of balance and maintain one's health in all of these areas continuously. Perhaps there are people who do not find that to be the case....but I am definitely not one of them! No, I actively work hard each and every day to achieve balance in my life. I truly consider it life threatening to ignore doing so.

And just like most things....repetition helps to make it easier. By focusing on it and making balance a priority I've found that I do things rather naturally now that keep me on an even keel. The motivation is simple...things go bad when I don't do gets harder, more complex, nastier if I choose to ignore the warning any of those areas.

For a long time after I got sober I didn't realize the importance of this but after a series of crisis and looking back to see what had happened I learned that if I wanted to avoid trouble and pain, well I needed to keep my eyes on their prize and stay focused on these four areas of my life. So's worked out pretty well.

(Photo: Kathy Tomson)

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