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Friday, July 20, 2012


I just do not understand why these people loose their minds and feel that they have to kill other people. This idiot in Colorado thought he was the Joker....Listen, like many people, I have had great adversity in my life...some of it self-inflicted...other's beyond my control. I was raped and beaten severely as a 12 year old boy for heaven's sake and though the thought of killing the 3 individuals who did it has crossed my mind over the years, I never would have acted on the impulse had I ever been able to find out who they were.

Now we will have to hear all the pathetic details on how abused, neglected or sick he was...Blech! I just feel terrible for all the victims involved. Sheesh. Frankly it is too bad he didn't die in the capture...but people will say that then we will never know what happened or know why he did it. Folks he doesn't have a clue...he thinks he is a freaking comic book character, OK?

Praying and thinking about those who were injured and the same for the families of those killed in this senseless, meaningless MESS. Honestly it makes one afraid to turn the news on anymore. What have we become?

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