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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Family Time

It is a simple fact of life that when you have children, no matter how much you love and cherish them...they will one day grow up and move way. It can be hard on some Mum & Dads who put so much time and effort into raising their children. It is part of the cycle of life that they eventually grow up and head out on their own.

That is why holidays like the 4th of July become so special to families because it is often the only time busy young families have to visit their parents and grand parents. That is exactly whats happening today. My son Ian and his fiance Ellie are visiting from Holland MI for a short visit. My niece Angela and her husband Jason are also here visiting until later this afternoon as well. They are all pictured above taking a rather hot boat ride earlier this afternoon (it's 95 degrees in the shade right now with very little wind). 
Having them here really makes me miss my daughter Chelsea and her family who live in South Carolina. I'd love to have my 2 grandsons with me right now...

The Island is packed with people. I can usually tell they aren't regular visitors because it is common here on Iyopawa Island to wave to one another...people just do it naturally...we wave to everyone. If someone isn't waving back then it's obvious that they are visiting or are someone's guest. It's kind of weird but it's true...Islanders typically will always wave at you.

The pic above is a shot taken today of my father as he took the kids (and myself) for a boat ride on some pretty over-crowded & chaotic water. Tons of jet-ski and boat traffic today. 

So I need to close this post and go grill some hamburgers for an early dinner. All but one of the kids works tomorrow (the down-side of the Holiday falling mid-week) so they will be taking off soon. Until later, STAY COOL!

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