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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Trying To.....

I realize there are readers of Shell Shock who don't really get the dream/reincarnation pieces that are posted here. Find it silly Hocus-Pokus stuff and ridiculous. Frankly it is quite relevant to me because it was a significant issue when I was a boy and those beliefs still haven't been completely altered.

Naturally I was disturbed about this when I became a FOLLOWER of Jesus so I have spent a good deal of time in discussion with my pastor about it. It has helped settle some of my concerns but it is still enough of an issue that it needs to be acknowledged as a troublesome issue for me even today. Hence I will continue to write about it...

I am surprised that no one has taken issue with my mentioning it...perhaps people respect my honesty here and realize it has been a long and difficult struggle for me. I certainly appreciate that because I would rather NOT have to deal with this and certainly would rather not have the nightmares and such still some 45 years after it started!

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  1. I do recognize your honesty, and respect your struggle.
    I do not think that particular subject is hocus-pocus. I don't know what it is - ancestral memory, re-incarnation, nudges from your sub conscious, your spirit guides, or your angels; or simply the firing of brain chemistry and neurons. You know it is a subject that interests me as well.
    I also see no conflict between what you write/believe and your Christianity - and I say that from my Catholic roots, as well as from the Bruce-Lee-ish amalgam of beliefs I currently hold.
    ~ peace and hugs ~