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Friday, July 13, 2012

A Unique Freaking MESS

As if I don't have enough weird idiosyncrasies already....I tend to be a "Neat Freak" as well. So what does one such "Neat Freak"do on a 93 degree day (89 degrees in the house, 56% humidity) with out the A/C turned on? The crazy fool goes on a cleaning JAG...after raking the beach in the eastern, morning sun.

Gee...wonder why I feel kinda sick...DUH!

Yea, Yea...I'm not always doing the smartest things to myself some times. I laugh when I think "what is a normal person?" Can you think of one perfectly "normal" man or woman? I can't...they are all cracked and flawed in one form or another. ADD or super slobs....addicts or so anal retentive it's a wonder they ever leave their bedroom. People who move at the speed of LIGHT and those who basically become some form of human molasses. That is what makes humans...human. We...each and every one of us is his own unique freaking MESS.

And that is what's so cool about us humans...we are each our own and there isn't average or normal or bland or whatever. Whoa I just realized that us human beings share this uniqueness trait with snowflakes....well that's something to make one feel really special, eh?! (Thom here...I have to share a little story. When I wrote this line about human snowflakes, etc the first person I thought of was "Daddy's Little Girl" my daughter Chelsea. I just "KNEW" that idea would appeal to her. Take a second and scroll down to the first comment and see what it says...Not saying Dad's are Magic or anything but we do benefit from having a bit of the 'ole "Second Sight")

But the sad element of this train of thought is though we are all unique...humans have a tendency to copy one another, to act like others do instead of following their own to speak. It's what my buddy JVO called the SHEEP Syndrome...people are like sheep in that they follow each other instead of leading their own way. I think they do this for reasons of familiarity and security...God forbid that they stand out and be recognized as "DIFFERENT"...OH MY!!.

Isn't that weird and just really quite sad? Our greatest gift from God is our uniqueness yet we are afraid to act differently from others in our society because people will think wrongly of us. It's a shame....really. So Sad...


  1. I love the idea of being like a snowflake! ( You know I would!) Today, I'll keep that thought with me. Thanks Daddy!

    1. You are absolutely right Baby...I knew you'd like that part. I even went back and wrote a special little extra post just for you...check it out. LOVE YOU Sweetheart!