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Saturday, July 21, 2012

He's My Brother...

This is a post about the kind of people I am so privileged to have in my life on a regular basis. Some of you may find this interesting some probably won't...

Tony is a friend of mine from the Pittsburgh, PA area and I have know him for a couple of years. Interestingly Kim and I met him waiting to get into the venue at the RUSH Concert in the Consol Energy Center the Pittsburgh Penguins brand new arena downtown. Meeting him was one of the coolest experiences I have ever had.

K and I had front row seats and we had Tony sit with us and so he got to see the show (he is a HUGE RUSH Fan) from the front row for the first time ever with a couple of strangers he just met. It has been the beginning of a really neat relationship. I honestly look at Tony like a younger brother I never had and he has mentioned similar brotherly sentiments about me. What  a wonderful set of circumstances that brought us together as friends.

We keep up mostly through FaceBook and Email though we have chatted periodically on the phone. This morning I opened an email from Tony and my heart just sank. It was a letter written to his close friends and family letting everyone know that his father who he is very close to is being sent home from the hospital and has but a short time to live. Needless to say, my friend is struggling with this deep sadness and sorrow right now and I  really feel for him & his family.

It is heart wrenching, heartfelt, touching message about his feeling toward his Dad and would bring anyone who loves their own father to tears in mere seconds. I feel so badly for him but I also admire a young man who is not afraid to put his feelings down for all to see and make himself vulnerable. What a wonderful example he is setting for his own two young sons....

So I am thinking and praying for my dear friend Tony Aniceti tonight as he has to watch his beloved father slip from this life to another. Tony is a man very strong in his faith and I know he get through this knowing God will look out for him and his father.

Tony: Please be assured that your Michigan friends are holding you and your family EXTRA CLOSE to our hearts tonight. Peace Always and God Bless You My Friend...Love you Brother.


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