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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Gonna Be Interesting!

This was one very long and hot day. Mine began before 4a and is still going here at nearly midnight, July 5. The unrelenting heat is really starting to take a toll on folks...even those of us with Air Conditioning (AC). I know I feel sluggish and just can't spend that much time in it before I get a headache and just feel lousy...

To get a better realization of exactly how hot it is...I believe there are actually a lot less KNUCKLE-HEADS out on the water and on the island causing a ruckus then there normally are on the 4th of July....Considering how unusual that is  just goes to show that it's really freakin' HOT!! I truly believe that the 4th of July is the official Beer Drinking Holiday of The United States of doubt about it.

It is rather hard to believe but even with all the consumption of beer going on this week here on the island (In addition to everything else...I also had a huge fondness for vodka)...I still have absolutely ZERO desire to drink. Folks they have a name for such phenomena: Miracles. I am a guy that didn't use to plan a trip to the grocery store without sub-consciously figuring out if and how it might impact my ability to drink! Drinking was all I ever thought about. Honestly, I used to plan my day around drinking....Now I have no desire to drink what so what else can you call that, eh? Yep...I still opt for miracle.

Anyway...the National Holiday for BEER DRINKING officially ended 12 minutes ago but I suspect it will stretch itself out through  the weekend...getting crazier and crazier as we go. At least it should keep things interesting on this super freaking hot holiday weekend!

G' Night People....

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