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Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Big 'Ole Pile of Snow, Please....

I hope those bastards at the National Weather Service aren't just toying with us again....I really want a freaking snow storm here! I mean a foot of snow or more, no visibility, the wind howling out of the North (or whatever direction it's coming from, the critical thing here is that it is HOWLING!, the world completely encased in white. The only world you see is the one immediately around you. Then you grab Zoe (my cat, you can grab the pet of your choice) and hunker down by the fire.

Last year I can't recall how many times the folks on TV (remember it's not just weather, it's a Weather Event, so it's NEWS!)prepared us for the "BIG ONE" days in advance only to get an inch or 2 of snow.Hell in Holland, MI already this Fall they closed schools because it was supposed to be too windy (read: A WIND EVENT) for the kids to be going to a from school, yada, yada, yada.Thanks News * for scaring the hell out of everybody for what?!

OK, I know I'm foaming at the mouth here but it is time for some serious snowfall. I know my dear friends and family in Holland have already had their formal snowfall initiation last week but the darn thing missed us down here in the south (S. Michigan, that is). So maybe the Weather Gods can take pity on W Michigan, spare them a bit and dump some serious White Xmas Material on us the next two or three days.

Of course I don't want to sound too freaking bossy but if we do get a storm, please have it cleaned up by Tuesday, next week....I don't want to miss seeing my daughter's family in South Carolina and we leave Thursday! Shoot I want(a)big time snow (EVENT)this weekend but hey, I'm not sacrificing my Grandpa Time, no how!!

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