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Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Out House Effect

We had a rather interesting drive down here to Greenville this morning. It felt more like a dog sledding expedition to Antarctica, only thing missing were the dogs and the penguins. The heavy snow, sleet, frigid temps and high winds combined to make things rather wild and yep, stressful. Oh that and the fact that there isn't a single Rest Area on S Bound I-75 in the State of Kentucky! I learned later it's a weird phenomenon called the "Out House Effect"....The mysterious coincidence when a restroom is never available when a person has just had 3 cups of coffee, is totally stressed out and really, really needs one.

Oh, and the  so called "normal" truck drivers out there were driving those rigs with a vengeance. Honestly they were  way out of control, speeding, tailgating and just being overly aggressive, it was almost comical if it wasn't so reckless and dangerous. Some mother truckers (you know who you are) in Tennessee, Kentucky, North & South Carolina today, well Y'all basically suck, 'ya hear me!? Hey and thanks for driving half a dozen motorists off I-75 and scaring the hell out out of the rest us. What was the freaking deal? Jeez something definately was driving the insanity on the roadways today. It truly was an unreal experience.

But we made it in one piece and I got my grandson fix for day one. So that will carry me through until tomorrow....

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