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Friday, December 17, 2010

Could Have Been A Big Bummer

I had an interesting experience this morning. Crowne Plaza Hotels obviously has a new type of good morning greeting for their go out to your car first thing in the morning and the back passenger tire is completely flat.  "Welcome To Crowne Plaza Greenville, Mr Davis. Welcome to the deep South freaking Yan"....just kidding folks! I don't want to stir up any more sectional distress then there already is.

To continue the tire story, it had a great ending because AAA came out, put a spare on for free and Discount Tire here in town fixed it all in about 30 minutes, again at no charge. So other then losing about 90 minutes of time and having the complimentary breakfast messed up it was definately a no harm no foul situation. Everyone involved was friendly and very efficient so it was very cool, could have been a big bummer.

So we picked up Chels and the kids and just did a bunch of fun stuff together. We went swimming, hit Mickey D's, the boys took a snooze (Grandpa's Favorite)and hung out. Going to meet Joel here in a bit and get some seafood. It has been a great day yet great days always go by so darn fast.

So we are already half way through the visit, Zoom Zoom.

I'm tryin something new as I type I have my grandson Maddox sitting in my lap. Of course he's pushing every button there is so I think it's time to close! Grandfather time trumps blog time....EVERYTIME!

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  1. Awesome! Enjoy your time with the munchkins.