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Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I am once again posting lyrics to a song that played an important role in what I've taken to calling "The Soundtrack to my Life", at least to date.

Music has always been important, for it's art, it's emotion and the simple beauty of all. I was never far away from a song. That continues to this day.

For me, the music that I listen to typically conveys what I am feeling at that point in time yet find myself incapable of expressing myself. I don't always know how I happen to adopt a certain tune but i do, then I posses it to death. I listen over and over....that song or typically it's several songs or a certain band I'm into plays constantly. then that group or songs(s) fade away and I move on to something else.

One Man Army is a song by Our Lady Peace, a wonderful band from Canada that has never really taken hold here in the States. The importance of this particular song to me is very evident if you know anything about me. It describes how I've happened to feel since I was a little boy....

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