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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Never Again....

Well it was a wonderful Saturday night out with friends. Hit a Xmas Party, got to see Santa, ate lots of goodies until I couldn't eat any more. All in all a good time....

For a guy like me that avoided social situations at all costs, I'm beginning to think I'm almost normal again...whatever "normal" is. But hey, I enjoyed the party and I really appreciate having such good friends. I'll never take things like friendship for granted ever again.

Another day slowly comes to an end and here I sit, sober and so grateful for the life I have today. It is not easy, certainly not a perfect life but a healthy, reasonably happy one filled with lots of wonderful things happening each and every day.

I suppose that I simply cannot see my life today without measuring it against my past life...and there certainly is no comparison. And the surprising thing about that reality is even a few short years ago, I couldn't even fathom such a life could even exist for me. No I always needed more, nothing ever seemed to satisfy me. In the end I always felt empty inside yet not tonight.

And I know from this day forward that I never, EVER have to feel that way again.....

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