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Monday, December 13, 2010

Let It Go,Brett....Let It Go!

Well hell, it seems like everyone else is writing or talking about Brett Favre missing a game so I'm going to as well.If there is anyone who isn't familiar with the story: Brett Favre, Quarterback of the Minnesota Vikings and future Hall of Famer has started and played in 297 consecutive football games. Tonight he will not play against the New York Giants because of an injury. The first time he has not started/played in a game since 1992.

It truly is an incredible play the game of football, as physical as it is that many games in a row is simply astounding. It will never happen again, nope, Nada, way, NEVER.He has played badly injured, barely able to walk and throw...nobody has ever questioned his toughness. His judgment and selfishness is something all together different. But I'll leave that commentary for another time....

I believe the man deserves to end his career now and walk away. I honestly think he should have done it before this season. But after the incredible year he and the Vikings had last season, losing to the New Orleans Saints in the NFC Championship game and getting within 1 game of the Super Bowl, I'm not sure any one can really blame him for coming's what competitors do.

So I think this is it, I can't see Favre ever setting foot on a football field for a game as a player again. I think the Vikings put him on IR (Injured Reserve)and go with Tarvaris Jackson for the remainder of the season. Minnesota is out of playoff contention and it would be the best way to transition to life with out Brett, let him fade away here at the end of the season.

Anyway, I haven't always liked Brett Favre as a human being, I personally think he has acted like an egomaniac, jerk at the beginning of every season the last few years as he has gone back and forth trying to figure out if he should retire or not. It has tarnished his legacy some as has the email and text controversy he has going on with a former NY Jets employee he reportedly sent improper texts/emails/voice mails too.

Now is the time to let it go Brett.....Let it go!

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