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Saturday, December 18, 2010

It's the last day of my visit to see Chelsea, Joel and my grandson's  Mason & Maddox here in Greenville, SC. Kind of sad but you know I'm just really glad I made the trip. It's a great Xmas present to myself to come and spend a few days here. Good Days On the Planet stuff, big-time...

This morning I saw a FB post from an old childhood buddy who is now a cop in Columbus, home town. This weekend a local radio station in Columbus CD101 is having it's 18th annual Andyman-A-Thon to raise $ for Children's Charities in Central Ohio. (My buddy Scott is in the middle of the pic below). Andyman was a beloved DJ in Columbus who passed away tragically while swimming on vacation w/his family in July in Northern MI. This is a charity he started in 1992 and his friends at the Station are keeping this thing alive. (If you want to donate here is the # CD101 in Columbus, OH through 7pm tomorrow night 614-221-1025) So why am I writing about this.

Because Human beings doing this kind of stuff for one another ROCKS, It literally kicks Ass and I think we need to hear more about what we as people do for one another instead of only how we are killing each other, or screwing up our government or taking advantage of others or crappy weather...OK, you get the picture, right?! This is good stuff and there is a lot of it going around, all over this country not just today but everyday.

Well the "GRANDS" have just arrived so this post is over..but please, let's think about those who are less fortunate right now, wherever they may be. That way we can all ROCK....

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