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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Open The Door....

I came to discover the "Blog World" rather recently as in the last year or so. I of course had heard of blogs and occasionally had read one linked to an article or e-mail but never really paid them much attention. I have always enjoyed reading passionately and continue to read books, mostly Non-Fiction constantly. I also subscribe to Rolling Stone, Sports Illustrated and National Geographic magazines and have since I was a teenager. Any time I ever considered subscribing to an online newsletter or blog I always figured I had more then I could read already, when could I possibly find the time? Plus, what could I really be missing when it came to blogs...they were just folks babbling on about themselves, their hobbies, politics or other obsessions....Oh yea, I couldn't have been more wrong!

I really cannot remember which came first the egg (Writing my blog) or the Chicken (Reading Blogs in general) and it really does not matter. I did discover them and I am truly grateful that I did.

I already explained in previous posts why I find putting my own blog together so important for my own sake and sanity. Today I'm focusing on the work of others....

 My god, I am simply stunned by the incredible creativity & artistic talent of some of my compatriots in the blog world. And I will admit feeling more then a little intimidated at the incredible writing and Web work put into some of these sites. Reading these works has opened an incredible new world for me and I'm thrilled to have stumbled across it when I did.

A short perusal of my blog list will illustrate the broad range of topics that I find interesting. Certainly history oriented sites are a favorite as our some of the sport oriented sites as well. But what I find really facinating our the blogs devoted to the authors own experiences living their lives. Some our full of humor, choosing to look at the absurd, ridiculous, everyday happenings at their work place or at home. Some write about their children, perhaps raising a child as a single parent and all the challenges and rewards that follow them along.

Any person who follows this blog or has read any of my posts will not be surprised to know that the Blogs I am most interested in deal with overcoming pain, tragedy or circumstances that the author was not expecting. They are full of emotion and hard questions about life. I read them because I can relate and I have learned that if I can relate to something there is the potential that I can learn something from it as well. And I'm all about finding better, more interesting or effective tools for living.

Just a few that I have found just beautiful, helpful, incredibly powerful or just plain interesting for me right now are:

Hello Tommy
Sunny Sings The Blues
A Crows Song
Christine McDonald
Embrace The Suck
Sand Through My Hourglass
Wife of a Wounded Marine
My Soul Is A Butterfly

And there are many more...this list was never meant to be all inclusive, no it is but a small taste of those whose work I really appreciate at this place and time in my life....

I will let the reader choose to explore these if they so choose. I feel I couldn't really do them justice if I tried to give each a brief overview. But I read each of these regularly, every new post. Unfortunately time hasn't allowed me to go back through the archives of each one and explore but I find great joy in every new entry.

And the best part of all this is that every day the choices increase. The wealth of good, relevant Blogs is being comprehension it's so vast and the fact that it is so accessible makes it even better.

So if you are new to the Blog World and reading my blog on a whim, it was recommended to you or it was a mistake...please know that this is but a tip of the iceberg of the blogs out there. They embrace absolutely every possible subject one can think of. Do yourself a favor and explore the Blogosphere for an hour or just may open the door to a whole new world!

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