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Sunday, December 26, 2010

So Sorry, Mr Freud!

Yikes! I just re-read my last post as I often do and oh brother, did I find a lot of typos. I'm really sorry about that, especially for those of you who may have already read this post (BOOBS for BOOM, whoops!)...

But I will take a moment once again to reiterate my philosophy about Shell Shock Serenade and how I want to post.

I really see value in getting a thought, feeling, mood or observation down and posted as quickly as possible. The up side is some unique and timely things get mentioned that I might poo poo or edit out if I chose to think about them too much. I can be a perfectionist to a certain degree and I do not want to fall into the trap of  polishing my posts to the point where they have lost their original meaning or impact.

On the other hand, the downside is some typos sneak through the spell check and some poor or unreadable sentence structures survives as well. I typically leave things be for a hour, come back to the post and re-write out any errors, typos or lousy sentence structure if i think it's necassary. I resist the urge to change the nature or main points of the post though there have been times that I've found the original so ridiculous that I went and made some major changes. But this has only happened a couple of times.

I am also definately NOT a typist. I have struggled with a very frustrating learning disabilty, particularly related to hand-eye coordination/dyslexia all my life. One of the many ways this impacts my writing is I invert the order of letters in a word or just plain misspell words. I do use spellcheck & proof read but as with my big typo this morning both Boom and Boob are both recognized words and I just didn't catch it when I read through it. And once again, my sincere apologies to all readers out there.

But in the end I have made the decision to continue producing posts for this blog in the same manner as I have just described. My goal has always been to try and catch those "snapshots" in time in regards to my thoughts, feelings, observations, etc.

But you will have to take my word as I claim total innocence in regard to my typo this morning, it couldn't have been a Freudian Slip....

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