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Thursday, December 2, 2010

I'm "Outed" On A Thursday Morning or I just Like Puppies....

This is going to sound ridiculous I'm sure but it should then fit right in on this blog, right?!

But I'm going to blog about the damn puppy of the day thing again. I'm struggling I suppose with the idea that I shouldn't enjoy this puppy thing. That somehow, it doesn't belong on "MY" site and  jeez, I really think that it's beneath me to show such emotional dribble on Shell Shock....


I know, where do I get off criticising these adorable little doggies, treating them so disrespectfully because my out of control EGO can't accept the fact that I, the big guy who blogs about war, sports and other "manly" topics happens to like puppy pictures....Me, the king of acceptance can't come clean, accept and admit:

I'm a freakin' softy at heart and damn it all, I like, cute, cuddly little doggies!

So there, I just outed myself...Now I think I deserve a "Treat", BOW WOW!

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