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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Good Morning Kitty Cat

Warning: Eating may not be a good idea while reading this post....

For this mornings post I will resist the urge to post photos since the topic is CAT VOMIT. Yep, Zoe that beloved cat of mine periodically decides to greet me in the morning with half a can of freshly regurgitated Kitty Breakfast..."Good Morning Thom, Did you happen to forget that I find Beef Liver, Turkey Giblets and BBQ shrimp Surprise an unacceptable breakfast selection? Basically because I hate the sh*t! and because I'm an old, fussy, finicky pain in the arse Kitty Cat that finds it terribly amusing to watch you scrub my stomach contents off your Mum's very expensive carpet in the back hallway, first thing in the morning?"

And I don't believe for a second that this is an "accident".....NOOOOO, this damn Cat likes to toy with me, torture me, yep generally F*^k with me all the time....and she never forgets, anything. Example: BLUAAARGGGHHH (Big pile of liquid, molten, chunk filled puke plops out onto the floor, steaming)...."Hey Thom, remember how you put that collar on me 2 years ago with the bell on it that I really hate?? Well here is a little reminder that I freakin' haven't!!" That's basically how it works around here with the Zoe Bud in charge. And you bet your sweet A-- she is in charge, always. And the name Zoe Bud? Uh, well yea, I am one of those "pussy whipped" cat people who has goofy pet names for my, er, uh pet.....ZoZo, Zoeybudbud, Bud Bud Kitty of Joy, Skinny Minny  and my fav recently: Dammit Zoe!!!

Well Good Morning everyone, I hope that you have gotten off to a bit more pleasant start to your day then I have with my Liquid Kitty Greeting w/Chunks: Happy Saturday....BLUAAARGGGHHH!!!!

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