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Friday, December 3, 2010

Santa In The Bathroom

Yep, I can be a tad sentimental when it comes to Christmas time and particularly things like Xmas decorations, Trees, Santa and the whole holiday "Vibe", as it were. Since I live in an area that is primarily seasonal, summer  homes there aren't many houses lit up around here for the holidays. But in the Coldwater area as a whole, there are quite a few. We ventured out tonight to check out some of the light displays in the area.

Last year my family discovered a home north west of here near Union City, MI that quite frankly had one of the most amazing displays of outside and inside Xmas lights I have seen short of a public display. But as far as private homes are concerned, this one is the best I've ever seen.

We drove out there again tonight and it really got the holiday vibe kicked off for me....I've included some of the pics I took last year because we actually went inside, this year we just drove by and checked out the outside. I can't believe how extensive this display really is and the pictures can't really capture that. The couple who does this have been doing it for 20 years for the sole purpose of making people happy. They succeeded last night in my case...

The holiday music plays outside as you drive by and there was just a smattering of snow to add to the festive feeling. The Santa above is actually located to the left of the toilet (as you are seated on it) in the bathroom, It certainly freaks you out the first time you see him!!. It's strange but I had the odd sensation he was going to start talking to me at any moment....They have decorated every single room in their home except their bedroom....incredible.

This kind of stuff turns me into an 8 year old kid again every time I see it! HO HO HO HO HO.....

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