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Friday, December 10, 2010

South Carolina Grandfather Express Leaves Soon....

I have been planning a short trip to South Carolina to see my daughter Chelsea, her husband Joel and two grandsons Mason & Maddox in the Greenville area. It obviously is an exciting prospect and I am really looking forward to it. I'll spend 3 nights in a hotel (with an indoor pool of course...we are a family that swims together) conveniently located near a mall so we can find some Xmas goodies for those grandsons of mine...oh and maybe their mom & dad too, lol!

I used to travel much more then I typically do now but I really do enjoy getting out on the road and going places. It's preparing for the trip that kind of blows but hey, it's certainly worth a little hassle now to get to spend some time with the kids (and their 2 kids).

I think when I was on the road more, I just had a tried and true routine and now I'm kinda out of it. But the plan is definately to visit the "Grands" regularly and I've had some trips I want to take simmering on the back burner so I have a feeling that I'll get back in the swing of traveling pretty quickly.

In the past I was always a person who over compensated while packing. Translation: I took way too much sh*t! A lot of that was the neurotic, addict guy I've written about in previous posts. I could never relax or make a decision so I over did it with the end result being I had two duffel bags full of clothes for any kind of situation you could think of, even though I might be gone only 2 nights and spending most of the time by the pool. Didn't matter, I needed dress clothes, long pants, shorts, it was ridiculous so something had to change....

So now as I try to continuously improve my behavior and my life, I'm going to try and just relax a bit with the packing. It was strange because I sort of made the assumption that it would be warm or warmer in Greenville this time of year. But from what I've seen on the Weather Web Sites that just isn't true, It is winter there too and pretty darn cold......So that simplifies it a bit, so cool.

I'm going with Kim so that makes the driving down in a day easier. And since I plan on shopping for the kids (mine and Chelsea's, lol!!) while I'm there I don't have all that to pack so basically, throw a bag of stuff together and go....

One thing though....I still have to wait until next Thursday Before I can leave even though I'm ready now, Bummer! So how do you make time go faster??!!


  1. Merry Christmas bro.......

    have a good time with your loved ones.

  2. lol!-we are a family that swims together- this made me laugh but it is true, always was! Can't wait to see you guys Dad! It will go by too fast.I'm very excited!!