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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Yankees Are Coming...

I survived the night though I can't really say I slept very well but in the end, I killed some time. Now the anxiety kicks in....

It is winter time and one of the main concerns about traveling this time of year is the weather. And since we are driving, that means I need to check the various areas we are driving through for their specific type of weather.

We are transitioning from (far) North to South so it does look like we will first be dealing with some snow, then it will change to the rather spooky "Wintry Mix" and finally to mostly rain in S Tennessee and North & South Carolina by the time we get there in the early afternoon.

We are going to hit the road early tomorrow morning sometime around 2am. I have gone on record here as saying I am a morning person and that definately translates to early departure times when I travel. But this time, even I am a little concerned about leaving THIS early....but since this trip ISN"T just about me, we need to try and be there in the early afternoon for other reasons so that is when we'll hit the road.

There are a lot of advantages to traveling at that time (that's assuming that the driver is of course actually AWAKE!) reduced traffic being the most obvious. Since we are going through downtown Dayton, Cincinnati, Lexington, KY plus Knoxville, TN that is a pretty nice benefit because Cinci in particular gets confusing when the traffic is heavy. It just reduces the tension a bit and that's always a good thing for me.

Of course the weather is a concern and adding snow/rain/wintry mix to the night driving will obviously increase the tension so it's probably a wash. But time is the main motivator this trip, not traffic/driving concerns so we are taking off super early no matter what.

So now I'm packed and heading into to town in a bit to wash the ride, gas her up, check tire pressure, etc then it's once again a waiting game. Kim will get here after lunch so that makes things a tad more tolerable.

So now it's about 20-21 hrs to GRANdPA TIME and honestly, I'm not the least bit excited or looking forward to thi...OK, that's Bullsh*t and I know it, I can't wait so look out South Carolina, the Yankees are coming (again) in just a few short hours....

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