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Monday, December 6, 2010

The Soundtrack (Of my Life)

Once again I sat back and thought about songs that have been a part of my life. I tend to lean to more poetry oriented songs, though not always. Typically songs are as influential to me for their lyrics as  much as their music. But both words and music are important and have been all my life. And yea, I mean life...I never remember a time when music didn't matter.

Of course there are so many songs that I'll never be able to represent even a fraction of them here. But it's been interesting to go back and think about this music that has been so important to me.
When I originally thought about doing this I figured I would write a bit about why this or that  particular song mattered to me so much. After thinking about it, I decided to include the lyric and possibly a link to the song and let folks decide for themselves what it means, if anything to them.

U2 is a band that has been influential to me dating back to my late High School Years in the early 80's. They were part of the post punk New Wave era of music and I latched onto them quite early in their career. I still like their latest music, maybe not quite as intensely as their earlier stuff but it still moves me emotionally. Its funny when I think about this.... But U2 are still around so many years after I first heard their music.....and so am I.

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