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Monday, December 20, 2010

Ragged As We Go

Home now and feeling a bit ragged around the edges. Seems like there is always some kind of pattern to my life, like things happen in cycles. Maybe it's nature or God's way of providing balance in life. I don't even pretend to know the answer to that and thank god I don't have to. My lot in life is to accept what happens and live life to the fullest, one Day At A Time. I know, I's a cliche but it works just dandy for me to focus on the day (task) at hand and go from there. Keep the focus in today, so to speak. I imagine some folks do it for them, whatever works, 'ya know?

One thing I am fairly certain about is that positive events in my life tend to be followed up by , lets say less then positive events or stress. This day/couple of days have been no different. After a good visit to see the Grands, there have been some car issues for Kim, etc., that have created stress. I'm not complaining, just pointing it out. You see I spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about such stuff, rather pointless, eh?

Perhaps not, it is how (my) life seems to flow: gradually up...then gradually down....up....down and so on. It used to be Up..Up...Up...UP,UP,UPWAY UP then KABOOM...Crash, BIG Explosion then taking several days to figure out what happened. Most times never having a clue what happened: I'll take the gradual ebb and flow up and down pattern every time.

I will admit that I am humored by the fact I even contemplate this stuff at all today. In the past, even recent past I always just lived a life of reaction. I reacted to things as they happened. Rarely making positive choices just fixing problems, little or big as they occurred, plugging the holes in the Dam, as it were. Never an pleasant way to live, I assure you.

Today, there is a method to the, sort of ha, ha. Just keeping my focus, making the most of what I have going on right now. And that has made me pretty happy, at this stage in my life anyhow.

I do wonder how others approach life. Just react or is it a planned adventure....perhaps something in between? It is rather difficult, as I watch people roar by of their rocket of life, to know what their thinking, if their thinking at all, tee hee. I'll give 'em the benefit of the doubt but I often wonder with some folks. Any way, is there a plan or do you react, deflect or just manage a plan on the fly, that being the "as we go" plan?

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