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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Petulant Little Brat (I Am)

I'll get right to the point....I'm having a hard time being patient. This is me speaking at this very moment:(The following sentence should be spoken out loud just like Veruca Salt whining for an Oompa Loompa from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory) "I want to leave for South Carolina NOW!" And I am whining because I do want to leave now. I shouldn't have to wait, I'm entitled, I'm a freaking Grandfather for god's sake!

Of course there were legitimate reasons why this little vacation was scheduled for the days that it was. Mainly because it wasn't all about ME, there were other people involved in this Royal Grandfather's Visitation. They happened to be the best days for everyone concerned, considering Chelsea needed to get time off work, Kim had appointments, dog care and her mother to take into account. Plus Christmas is coming next week so there wasn't a lot of other days that worked out for everyone else. So I have to wait and since I'm just a tad spoiled I don't do "waiting" very well and that is the reason I'm acting like a petulant little brat (Although I'm discovering that it's rather fun actually!!) But I digress...

I am a grandpa and right or wrong, the desire to see my grandsons is overpowering any common decency that I once had. I'm not very understanding of other peoples needs so I want to go now!

OK, I'm kidding (sort of) though I am anxious to get on the road. It's just about 24 hrs now before we leave and I think I'm going to make it w/out going absolutely and completely BONKERS....once we get started it will all mellow out.

I knew when I first found out that my daughter was expecting that I was going to find being a grandfather a wonderful experience but even then I have loved it much more then I ever expected. It's hard to explain, I mean I enjoyed fatherhood but this is sort of like that feeling but better, much, much better. I know I've written about this before on this blog but when my grandson Mason calls out my name, honestly I feel like I'm going to melt. Those two little guys just mean so much to me, I'm not sure they'll ever really understand how much.

So now I just count the hours before we leave and I think I'm going to pull the old trick I used to use when I was a little kid trying to wait for Santa Claus to come....I'll just go to bed really early and try to sleep away as much time as possible...Nighty night!

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