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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Oddball and Ends....

I'm having one of those days where loose ends get cleaned up...if you know what I mean? I have a couple projects going on and today seemed to be the day that everything came together and was completed. I love days like this....

The old Ford F-150 plow truck has been over at a friends place who does auto repairs on the side. It has needed an over haul for the last couple of years....just having break lines replaced that were rusting, wiper blade motor, some repair work to the plow blade. Stuff that I typically am a klutz at doing. The truck has been over there for a couple of weeks and finally today it was ready to go. Hows that for timing, the first real snow and I have the plow back!!

Just a few other things that needed to be dealt with as well.

Over the weekend I was a victim of identity theft of a debit card number. The thief tried to charge some stuff online and I noticed it Sunday while checking my account online. Thank God I got into the habit of doing that because it could have been a disaster. But fortunately I did catch it and notified the proper folks and miraculously, I lost nothing in the end. I suggest to anyone who uses their debit card or credit card regularly to check those spending accounts every day online. That was the saving grace for me...

Today was a "plus" day on the health front. I managed to feel pretty good most of the day, having only one "sinking spell" in the early afternoon. That's how this crap feel fine then POW, you can hardly move and you feel so exhausted that sleeping seems like a chore. Now that is tired!

Ah, the timer is calling me to dinner, coconut shrimp and fresh fruit/ I will close for now....

Oh yea: Could the Purdue Basketball Team please win the Freaking Game tonight. I'm tired of them playing down to their competition and ruining my evening. it's a nationally televised game on ESPN so please fellas, play some damn BALL!!


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