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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Brain Dead Button Pushers

I think it is rather obvious that I am not a big fan of video games. And it's nothing personal, I wasn't treated poorly by a group of Mario Brothers and Pack Man gamers when I was a teenager. I didn't have terrible nightmares when Pong came out when I was a kid. Shoot I actually liked playing Pin Ball. No, the video games themselves are not the problem, they have every right to exist. I don't mind the games at all...

I do however have an issue with the way some of us choose to use them...particularly young folks in our society today. And hey, when I was a parent, I allowed my kids to play them too. I'm not trying to throw stones here but I think the obsessive use of them today has the potential to be a huge problem down the road.

Young people today almost seem to exist to be stimulated by out side sources, say video games, the Internet, music players, texting, etc. All perfectly good things in my opinion when used or played with in moderation. I also think it's important to balance that type of activity with reading (actually use the brain to think, instead of reaction type activity like V.G's), creating art, mathematics, etc. Some will say they use their brain when playing videos, I don't really agree....I think there is stimulation but not active reasoning going on.

I realize I sound like an old fuddy duddy (or old fart) when I say this but I'm worried about what I see as a cultural obsession with those activities. I was a person who isolated himself to such a degree in my life that it negatively impacted my relationships, communication skills and ability to interact and relate to others. I see these solitary activities such as playing videos constantly as essentially doing the same thing. That's a major concern.

I do get the notion that in our busy lives today, we need some sort of relaxation and entertainment. I understand that and believe it's necassary to have a balanced life. It is going overboard with any one activity to the point of obsession that scares the hell out of me. I see so many bright, intelligent teenagers today who have a difficult time having a conversation because they obviously have little experience at it. All their communication is via text, The Internet, possibly the phone, etc. I don't think I'm over reacting here it's a bit frightening to think that we are raising future generations of brain dead button pushers but I think it's a realistic concern....

Read, go outside, play sports, meet with friends and just talk about...ANYTHING! But communicate, relate, laugh, pick someones brain, argue about politics, discuss sports....I know this sound rather silly but I don't see those basic human interactions relating to communicating happening so much any more. I think we are becoming a nation of isolated individual islands of humanity that are losing their ability to relate or understand one another. The possible downside of that kind of society coming to fruition could be catastrophic for humanity, as I see it.....

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