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Monday, December 27, 2010

Too Much Pie!

Perhaps those of you who know me or have regularly read Shell Shock think that I am trying to be clever with words when I titled this post "Too Much Pie".  I do tend to try and be creative with titles and I enjoy playing with words so those two things often go quite nicely together.

But in this case I'm not kidding, engaging in word play or attempting to be creative. Nope, I ate way too much this weekend and pie was the main culprit. I literally became a bloated, unstoppable human pie eating machine and I am suffering for it this morning  ...we had four freaking pies in this house for 8 people, several of whom do not pie eat it at all. I have no idea what I was thinking....Oh wait, that's right, I wasn't thinking...I was too busy shoving food in my mouth! It's like I was on a mission to save the world from left over pie! " Never fear the left overs, my dear lady, the PIE MAN is here"!

Any progress that I have made in the last few weeks changing my diet and getting more exercise on the recumbent bike went completely down the toilet...Well, now that I  think about it, I wish MORE of it had literally gone down the the toilet instead of being plastered to the sides of my now gigantic, bursting belly. Will I ever learn?!

Hmmm, probably not because I am a complete sucker for good food. I loose all control and I most certainly did the last few days. I have a really bad habit of substituting eating for entertainment went I am bored. And that is exactly what I did over the weekend. You are definately in trouble when you eat for fun...especially when your a guy that really loves to have fun, tee hee!

OK that's enough. I think everyone understand that I ate too much over Christmas and now I'm unhappy about it. So what do I do now, you ask? Well, I struggle to pull on a pair of athletic shorts, stretch a t-shirt over this mountain of blubber I call my stomach and waddle up to the X-bike to get reacquainted...again!

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