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Wednesday, January 11, 2012


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Photo Coldwater Reporter

I am finding that writing, whether on the blog or email is still a pain in the butt because of the fatigue factor or what I call my "punchiness". I am getting more of these 5-10 minute little nappers. They are taking some of the extreme edge off of the exhaustion and allowing me to function just enough to` get stuff done....Folks it isn't pretty and it doesn't feel very good but I am still going to call it PROGRESS....AND so progress it IS!

It is all still a challenge...just living my ordinary life is a HUGE challenge but what are you going to do? I have a sneaking suspicion that there are other medical factors involved causing the way I am feeling of late.

Tomorrow K-Sue & I have a sad journey to make to Marshall, MI for the funeral of our friend Brett Pehrson who passed away Saturday after a vicious fight with Cancer at the age of 50. 50...years....old.....that's just a year older then I am. I have a life long WAR going on with CANCER just as I do ADDICTION/ALCOHOLISM. Why, you may ask am I at war with these two diseases? Because they keep KILLING my FRIENDS, that's why! And I'm getting pretty sick and tired of feeling this way...I miss my friends and Cancer in particular has really ravaged the ranks of my friendships in the last 20 years or so. It never seems to let up and frankly it gets discouraging. (More links on Brett HERE)
Photo Coldwater Reporter

As you can see by reading the links about Brett that this was one special person. I really only new him a short period of time and he touched my life in a pretty special doubt about it. The last time I saw him I was passing him in a crowded hallway at our church one Sunday and he had seen in the announcements that I was having some serious health issues..including a possible cancer scare. 

Now you have to realize that this guy pretty much had the hardest fight with cancer of anyone I have ever known. he had it in the mouth and eventually he couldn't eat, he lost a ton of weight and his face was terribly swollen. 

But he smiled at me, put his hand on my shoulder and told me that he was  praying for me and the results of my test. I remember thinking "dude, don't worry about ME man, worry about you!". I just thought it was so powerful that here he was clearly dying and painfully I might ad and he is taking the time to reassure Kim and I. 

He was a super cool guy and we are all gonna miss him. The world losses most when we lose people like him. And I really mean that. 

If you read the lead, Brett was the Public Safety Director of Coldwater...Chief of Police. To have a man so good, so understanding and spiritual in that position...well I'm not sure if the community at large truly realize what they have lost here.....

I sure do...                                   

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  1. life is short man, treasure it. hope all is well - stay at home dad gig is tougher than people give it credit for man, not much time to do anything, with three half hour naps...crazy

    be well my friend