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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

It's MADNESS & It's NOT!

You know what? I really don't want to write another post about overcoming hardship and adversity. About taking what ever happens and making the best of it. Taking things one day at a time, working hard and staying positive.....

You may be puzzled by this post, my dear reader. And you may wonder WHY I don't want to write about these things again. The answer is simple...I'm SICK of the's wearing thin, it's breaking me down and combined with the extreme exhaustion/fatigue and illness I'm closer then I'd like to falling completely to pieces.

There is faith yes...and I do have faith and I still believe things happen for a reason, that somehow this all makes sense in a different time, place or situation....I have to decide if I am well enough to venture out tonight to meet with a small group over at a friends house. I think the answer is obvious.

I think I'll just stop here because honestly I was going to really just whine and complain...I don't want to go there...this can be overcome and there is a lesson I'm sure to be learned.

The struggle is why so much PAIN? Why the heartache? GOD...hasn't there been enough? Why punish people who are trying to COME TO YOU LORD, not run away? That is the question... 

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