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Saturday, January 7, 2012

MUSIC: The Language Of GOD

Last night I came across this video on FaceBook...It is a Musician, Carlos Whitaker playing one of his songs (God Of Second Chances) on the street when a homeless guy wanders in and joins him. They say it isn't staged and frankly it doesn't really appear to be but even if it was it is an incredible moment.

It is not the first time I have witnessed what appears to be a magical musical moment where words and music come together seemingly on their own to create something DIVINE. In my opinion...this qualifies. It's GOD speaking in his very own language.

Honestly I don't think that the notion or idea of music as some sort of universal language would generate much argument from people....most folks seem incredibly moved by song and the power of music. One of the focuses of my church next to reading the word and prayer is song and music....all of it biblically grounded.

I'll admit though I love music and love to sing (by myself or at best with K-Sue present) I was greatly intimidated by how much they sing not only during church services (probably 25-30% of the service if not more) but at almost any given situation. When K-Sue and I were baptized (me last spring, Kim this past summer) we sang before the baptism....I am no longer bothered or intimidated by it and really feel motivated to sing out now.

I don't know...but there is something, there always WAS something universal and all powerful about music...and this video serves as just another small example of how that happens...hope you enjoy it too.

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