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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Different Start To The Day...

Another day and of course it is still pre-dawn. It feels a little different somehow because we got Kim up and  off to work at 5:15a this morning. I do not like to tell God what to do but in all honesty...I sure hope this the job. Kim is certainly due for some good fortune...she has worked really hard and that has been a troubling aspect of this whole matter how qualified she is, no matter how hard she works...things just would come together. Man I hope today is DIFFERENT...

I am meeting a good friend this morning for our regular Tuesday book study meeting at a local restaurant. Even these most causal of get together have been impacted by my health and I actually had to cancel out of one last week.

One very unpleasant and I suppose unavoidable aspect of being hurt or ill is that unless you have broken bones or recent surgery or are ill with something very serious and well known as people tend to be suspicious about whether you are truly ill or as ill as you say you are.

I have dealt with that suspicion with my former employer Herman Miller, Inc for 20 years they made life difficult (a living hell of suspicion really) and though I was actually injured on the job I never claimed it and paid for multiple surgeries out of my own insurance and pocket. That was a mistake...I should have let them pay but I was trying to be ethical and I don't back fired. But I still had a great career there.

Not sure why I just "went there" and posted that but is what it is.

I just know that Kim is good at the work she does and she has a vast variety of experience so hopefully that will be an it's all about just getting the chance to show who you are and what you have to offer the company.

OK well I have to get going here and get ready for my day so we will catch you  somewhere down the road...

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