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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Unhappy With MD's...

I was two blocks away from the Doctor's office when I got the call...Doc's wife had the baby so all his appointments for the rest of the week are canceled and I have to call in Monday to re-schedule. It seems that even super High BP isn't enough to get them to adjust a person's BP medication by making a call to the pharmacy. So it's: "If it becomes an Emergency, then go to Prime Care (the ER)?!". Yea, that's what I want to to, provoke a blood pressure emergency by ignoring obvious warning signs as opposed to simply addressing the need now when it is but a concern...and one easily (and cheaply) remedied by calling in a new and stronger BP med and water pill.

If you ask me about all this debate going on concerning the type of Health Care this country should have...well, in my opinion and experience, the Health Care We Have Now Ain't So Hot and I am insured with a private physicians office. They run this office like it's a family owned Diner and not a house of medicine. So whenever they decide to close...well tough sh*t...get your grilled cheese on rye somewhere else...we don't care!

I told K-Sue in the car that even a plumber's shop has off hours service call's but this office won't even call in a script for a patient who has a KNOWN serious issue, that is well documented and that they are aware her rudeness and manor...this receptionist could have cared less...and why should she...she has the rest of the week off, WAHOO!

Some folks will probably say my expectations are too high...and perhaps they are but they are based on the Regular, EVERYDAY service of my doctor's office in HOLLAND, MI for the last 26 years. And really..calling in a new prescription for HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE is NOT too much to ASK...come on.

Now...because this is but one of several concerns and issues I have with them....I have to decide whether to pull the plug and start over with a new doctor....I have a sneaking' suspicion it won't be too difficult.

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