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Monday, January 16, 2012

Well...Thank You For That, Emily!

"Not knowing when the dawn will come...I open every door" - Emily Dickinson

Anyone who has me as a FaceBook Friend knows that I post a ton of quotes, anecdotes and poems, etc. It is sort of "My Thang" if you know what I mean and I have several web sites that send me quotes each day. And I really enjoy reading them...

This quote by Dickinson to my knowledge is not really well known though I could be mistaken, I am not well versed in her work or her personal story. But the idea here of not burning a bridge or wasting ANY opportunity for something special to happen is a familiar philosophy and one that I have to one degree or another always embraced. Though I have taken it to another level since I have been in recovery.

I think that holds true for a lot of us who make this kind of life change...we don't want to "waste" any more of life's chances so we take every opportunity to grow...or as Emily would put it: Throw open ALL the doors!"...You figure if you look everywhere, something is BOUND to turn up on the good side...

Another benefit of getting these email quotes sent to me every morning is they often inspire me to "get a move on" when the reality is I'd rather NOT, hehe. Now wasn't going to be one of those days...As I was already feeling "sparky" and ready to go. I actually managed a couple hours of sleep in several naps so I am physically feeling a bit better then the last few weeks. We'll see if this is a case where I just eventually HAD TO sleep so my body just gave in.

Anyway I feel better...I have an appointment with the surgeon at 2:15 o I'm gonna kick back and rest so we'll see you this evening...

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