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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Looking' Good, So FAR!


My oh that almost felt like a "normal" Tuesday afternoon/evening for me...almost. Still fatigued almost to the point of exhaustion but I got enough of what I call "snippets" (5-10 minute mini-sleeps, usually by nodding off involuntarily...sometimes while reading to others)to keep complete collapse at bay. So it felt like a productive day! And man do I miss my typical days...the reading, meeting DK for Theological Book study (Book-DOCTRINE)...

I just had a little energy so it felt as if I had a bit of my old self back and it was cool. I'm a little more hopeful today though I haven't let myself get down through any of this...nope we just keep going forward.

Kim is here now in Coldwater and that is a difference maker too because we really are partners in this life. We walk together, talk and eat...just be together.

Kim's been looking for work just in this first day she has had a couple interesting interviews. It looks as good and we are in good spirits. 

OK time for a late dinner gotta run.


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